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“Don’t just do something, sit there!”

Master of economy Jim Hall said it best...

His great composition for string quintet, bass (Scott LaFaro) and guitar. This Third Stream moment from when chamber music and jazz crossed paths brought to you by John Lewis. That style from the early 60’s has really been catching my ear lately; Gary McFarland’s idiosyncratic arranging work with John Lewis on Essence and the odd records he arranged for both Steve Kuhn and Bill Evans especially included.

Strings: Charles Libove, Roland Vamos (violins), Harry Zaratzian, Alfred Brown (violas), Joseph Tekula (cello).
Conducted by Gunther Schuller.


And just because I am thinking about Jim Hall right now, this humbling bit of kick-assery w/ Sonny Rollins, Bob Cranshaw and Ben Riley on what looks to be a 60’s show wildly mistitled ‘Jazz Casual’.

The Great Charlie Haden

Like so many others, I'm still thinking about Charlie Haden and what a huge loss his death leaves us with.

I really like what Keith Jarrett says about him in this clip- "Charlie stays within his abilities. So many people take so many risks that they wind up losing it in the middle..."

That statement struck me as almost perfunctory or even dismissive at first, but when I thought more about it, I understood it to be the ultimate compliment and the very definition of being a master: sitting in absolute authenticity and widening the circle to completely encompass, lift and compel everyone around you. In that rarest of spaces there simply are no risks to take. Charlie Haden in a nutshell.

Bebop For Everyone!

Four of my favorite versions of Donna Lee. (The Jaco one is assumed here...)

Of course the classic: Charlie Parker, Miles, Bud Powell-pno , Tommy Potter- bs, Max Roach- drms.

The incredible Clifford Brown: w/ Sam Dockery-p, Ace Tisone- bs, Ellis Tollin- drm

The oddball: Claude Thornhill’s unique dance band version arranged by a young Gil Evans.

The sublime and totally unexpected: Joe Lavano treats it as a broken time ballad. Lovely and left field. Joe Lovano ts, James Weidman- p, Esperanza Spalding bs, Otis Brown III, Fransico Mela drm.

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